Behind every endeavor, great and small, is a story. The Nexus story begins with four people who each had a burden to impact the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and beyond.  

We came from different backgrounds and different areas of the country, but we all landed at the same church in Indianapolis. As we connected and shared our dreams, we began to ask, “What would happen if more business owners ran their companies with specific intentions for community impact?”

Clearly, God was orchestrating a much bigger story. Today, the Nexus Impact Center, a place where social entrepreneurs gather, is the culmination of this dream.

We’ve come a long way…and have a long way to go. Won’t you join us in making impact?


“Nexus” means connection. At Nexus Impact Center, people unite to do good. You’re not in this alone! Join our community where even our name suggests the deep connection we share.

"What if more business owners ran their companies
with specific intentions for community


Robin Lee

President & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Robin@nexusimpact.org

Robin is passionate about the Nexus mission and bringing together her extensive experience with financial management, fundraising, and operational matters. Robin oversees the day-to-day operations at Nexus and works with businesses who want to impact the community. She also helps coordinate programs, events and mentoring relationships.

Robin is a CPA, and started her career as an auditor for KPMG with a focus on nonprofits and governments.  She has also worked in government, churches and most recently as executive director for a small foundation. Robin reflects, “I have seen so many nonprofits over the years struggle with revenue, heavily relying on donors and grants. I believe the social enterprise model is a promising strategy to make bigger impact.”   

Melissa Rich


Melissa helps social enterprises at all stages connect with resources to produce maximum impact. Melissa brings a wealth of experience to Nexus. As a former investor, start-up executive, social entrepreneur, and social impact consultant, she has experienced first-hand how building a network is key to creating impact.

Melissa started and ran her own for-profit social impact company (InterSchola, an early B Corp) and also continues to work as a consultant for changemakers, entrepreneurs, companies, and non-profits across multiple impact sectors. She says, “Indiana’s strong educational culture and rich heritage in philanthropy and non-profit building, puts us in a unique position to secure our place in the social enterprise world.”


Stephanie Fernhaber

Vice President

Stephanie teaches entrepreneurship, innovation and business at Butler University as an associate professor. She understands the value of using business as a force for good and is passionate about creating ways to spur innovation to address social problems. 

In addition to teaching, Stephanie conducts research in the areas of international entrepreneurship, networks and new venture strategy.  Her research has been published in various academic journals.  She has also co-created two books;  Routledge Companion to International Entrepreneurship, and Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineers. 



Chris is the CEO of Formstack and runs the day-to-day operations of the company. Formstack seeks to change lives through inspired software. Chris has been a part of impact-based organizations for years including heading up an international nonprofit while living in England and Poland.



Josh was a founding board member of Nexus.  Josh’s passion is to empower spiritual entrepreneurs and pioneering leaders to change their worlds through a relationship with Jesus. Josh and his wife, Lisa, relocated from California and founded Mercy Road Church in 2011, which is currently one of the fastest growing churches in Indiana.

Josh is a perpetual entrepreneur, and has been involved in starting Multiply Magazine, Multiply Records in addition to his involvement with Multiply Indiana, a regional church planting organization.



Ethan was a founding board member of Nexus.  Ethan is a business man who founded Renewing Management in 2003 with a mission of “Restoring hope by transforming communities across Indiana.”  His business purchases, renovates, and operates apartment communities. Impact was expanded in 2017 when Ethan began hiring those with criminal backgrounds to assist with renovations.

Ethan also serves on the Board of Multiply Indiana and genuinely believes anything is possible if God is in it. His life’s work is not solely defined by his business success, but by life transformation. 

Emil Ekiyor


Dora Lutz


Karen Young


NaShara Mitchell



9511 Angola Court – Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 


Nexus was founded on Christian faith principles to make a positive difference in the world. All are welcome as we work together to create impact.

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