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“We assist in the transition of ex-offenders back into mainstream society by helping them develop construction trade skills, relational integrity, work ethic and goal setting. “We want to love these amazing people well. Yes, they made mistakes in the past, but we work to forgive and get them back on their feet.”

– Ethan Fernhaber, Renewing Management

“Belief Coffee Company offers whole bean blends and single origin coffee that is responsibly sourced and roasted in small batches by skilled women and minority roasters around the world. Along with its taste, aroma, and caffeinated goodness, revenue fuels ambitious ideas and opportunities for entrepreneurs and social innovation. ”  

– NaShara Mitchell, Belief Coffee Co.

“As consultants to businesses and nonprofits, we help all types of organizations build bridges with their communities and create unique impact. We help our clients focus on three things – building bridges to knowledge and understanding, building bridges to engage communities and building bridges to create unique experiences, lasting relationships and significant impact.”  

– Mike Simmons, Bridge Builder Strategies

“With all the effective resources available for personal and professional growth, self-awareness, and productive mindset, there’s a glaring problem – they’re focused on individuals well into their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond. Elevate 122 is here to flip that and start before individuals enter the real world. Elevate 122 equips youth and young adults with tips, tools, and resources to better understand themselves and others so they can proactively lead their lives with clarity, intention, and purpose – while having a blast along the way.”

– Anna Kantzavelos, Elevate 122

“The idea of the “haus” is a German spelling of “house” and represents our company’s mission of three key goals: protecting your business’ cyber presence; preventing costly downtime by preventing IT issues, and being your partner for life.  We look at your business as being protected under our house, by our IT stack and professional services..”

 Josh Fetzer, Fetzerhaus Technology, Inc

“Helping clients deliver their message through strategic communication is my passion. Creating appealing and innovative web sites, newsletters, blog posts and other marketing materials is especially significant for organizations combining business with impact. Delivering your unique message creates greater impact.

– Jennifer Smith, OxCart Communications

“Play is a basic human need. Kids who play are resilient, empathetic, and active. Through play, kids learn to make friends, solve problems, and believe in themselves. Playworks helps schools and districts start with recess to see gains throughout the school day. As play consultants, Playworks helps schools reclaim class time, get kids active, build social skills, and increase school safety with our evidence-based approach.

– Jo Bender Yocum, Playworks

“The devastating opioid epidemic that is claiming the lives of over 100 Americans every day breaks our hearts. Last year we began building the Our Story Our Time tour to bring hope and help to those suffering from addiction. Through our music tours and community initiatives, we hope to educate, support and mobilize communities to action.”

– Eric & Jillian Maitlen, Two Eight Ministries

“By 2030, we will end water poverty for every man, woman, and child in one of the world’s most underdeveloped and forgotten countries, the Central African Republic. Why focus on such a hard to reach place? We’re out to prove that generosity can make a lasting impact, even in the most challenging circumstances. If we succeed here, it is possible anywhere.”  

– Jim Hocking, Water for Good




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