Are you inspired by social entrepreneurs in Indiana? Everyone has a unique calling and yours may be to finance others who are doing good in our state.  Would you consider being a part of the work of Nexus by donating to our mission?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been felt by our members and tenants that we support through economical space and resources.  We want to continue to foster impact in our community, and need help filling the gap left by social distancing and loss of revenue from space rentals and memberships.  Your donations will help many continue to roll-up their sleeves and work on new and emerging social issues right here in our community!


The Early Learning Alliance Network (ELAN) is working overtime to meet the needs amidst this crisis.  Jody Britten, Founder of the non-profit, says “It is our hope that our organization can rally its resources to ensure that all families and educators of young children are supported during this time.”

Prior to this pandemic, ELAN had been creating strategic partnerships to enable the gathering and sharing of data that can inform action on a community level. This positioned them for rapid response.  A sister for-profit of ELAN is Safe Littles which is a tech-based communications platform for pre-k and gets critical information out to preschools since the state of Indiana does not have a system for daycares and preschools to be notified of safety related warnings timely.  

In response to COVID-19, they are currently supporting data collection in 8 Indiana counties to allow stakeholders to understand the needs and experiences of families of young children during this time.  This includes bi-weekly webinars with early learning providers in two states, providing continuous updates and emergency response information via text-alert systems to over 500 organizations serving children in Central Indiana, and providing on-the-spot coaching for preschools in three states to help them develop systems for communicating and supporting families of young children.

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