At Nexus, we advocate for social enterprises throughout the state of Indiana. Be part of the revolution by supporting businesses, like the ones below, that have impact as part of the bottom line. By making smart shopping choices, you can make the products and services you buy support pioneers who use their work for good.

Are you a social enterprise or an impact-based business? In addition to supporting our Nexus members we also feature other Indiana businesses and nonprofits who offer products and services as a way to fund a social impact. Apply to be featured on this page below.

“Sip & Share Wines is a micro-winery producing a variety of artisanal vegan wines. We’re passionate about creating community with wine, especially for wine lovers often overlooked and underrepresented by the wine industry. Our wines are fun, approachable and made to sip and share. ”  

– Nicole Kearney, Sip & Share Winery

“Belief Coffee Company offers whole bean blends and single origin coffee that is responsibly sourced and roasted in small batches by skilled women and minority roasters around the world. Along with its taste, aroma, and caffeinated goodness, revenue fuels ambitious ideas and opportunities for entrepreneurs and social innovation. ”  

– NaShara Mitchell, Belief Coffee Co.


9511 Angola Court – Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 


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